Jordi Rosado Diaz 

617591022 c/carlit 10, Fontanals de Cerdanya. Spain 


2017 is the first anyo of my artistic career in which I make known my work: 

-February 2017 collective abstract art exhibition at LADAME GALLERY LONDON 


-Selected for the edition of the contemporary art book: Imitation of life.Edited by LOOSENART GALLERY. December 2017 -FRAMMENTI SENZA TEMPO (Timeless Fragments) FESTIVAL of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts. December 2017 ( Italy) 

-Selected for the edition of the contemporary art magazine.Edited by WOTISART November 2017 -Recollection January 11 – February 10, 2018 . Union Street Gallery( Chicago). Work La Pell 1.1 

-EXPO GALLERY ABARTIUM( SPAIN). 9/11-2/12 2018. 


-ARTSY Alessandro Berni Gallery. 2019(

In these sentences I will not explain exactly what I want to tell in my work, what it means what I photograph. I really express myself visually, so I try to explain in words what photography would be like chewing the food for someone else. Giving too many explanations about your own work leads to people seeing your work as you want them to see it and not really how they see it. For that reason my words try to justify that I am going to give only a few references of what my creations are, since you need them. In many of my works and part of my work, it is related to existence. Not only with the existence of the human being, if not, what the human being does not see or does not know does not exist. I mean that in many of my works what I do is to make things exist, that would not exist without the presence of the human being. I understand that if you see one of my works, if I do not explain exactly what it is, you will never think what I want to express. Therefore, the existence of thought in front of the same image is multiple. Hence the idea of, my works need to be explained before being seen? Only suggestive titles that evoke you to my thought? or free interpretation? 

I would like more the free interpretation, what evokes the image to the spectator is its reality and the spectator makes his existence his. 


My works of art are created from long processes of reflection on how erotic is the world that surrounds me and at the same time how painful it can be to live. For a long time the works go mastering inside of me, until one day, camera in hand, I go out to the street, to the forest, my garden ... in search of everything that I have inside me. I like that my work comes out of something similar to improvisation. 

My creation comes from the need of the moment, my main idea is to not say anything concrete in my work, aesthetics by aesthetics is what I like to do. Most of the time, once the work is finished, I observe it and it is here where I find an explanation of my creation, and it is fantastic because I can have the same sensation that a spectator has when observing my work. 

To be able to understand better what I want to explain, I will comment on a photograph, which made me reflect on my work: For a while I photographed my hands, arms, my body, in communion in nature, and I did not know why, and I did not know if what I liked. A long time later, one day climbing, (whenever I leave home I take photographic material) I saw a very nice mini tree, and suddenly I thought that my arm would be perfect in that tree. I put the camera mounted on the tripod and made a self-portrait. Here was where I started thinking about existence. 

Then, my work, often do not have connection with each other, and although most of my work is black and white in digital, I can also make color in digital and to a lesser extent black and white in analog. 

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